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ESL Digital Literacy

Week 4. Tech Troubleshooting

Show what you know by taking the Week 3 Quiz. Click here if you need a refresh of the material first. Loading… You will often come up with problems when you use technology. It is important to be able to express those problems and to find ways to solve them. Common problems include freezing, Internet… Continue reading Week 4. Tech Troubleshooting

ESL Beginning High, Reviews

Gracie and Delilah Book Review

The name of the book is: Gracie and Delilah. I liked this book. Gracie and Delilah are the constant companions of Her Majesty. They are beautiful dogs. Life for Gracie and Delilah was filled with joy and love. One day, Her Majesty get sick and dies. She loved them and selected the perfect new home… Continue reading Gracie and Delilah Book Review

All in One Piece, Reviews

All in One Piece Book Review

What I like about this book are the drawings and pictures that it has. It does not have a lot of content because it’s a short book but it talks abou family, particularly the lovely family that Mr. and Mrs. large have. It also emphasizes the importance of having some time for the parents to… Continue reading All in One Piece Book Review