ESL Digital Literacy Course Final Study Guide

Congratulations for making it to the end of this digital literacy course! In this class, I hope you all had fun and that you all had great conversations and learned new technology. This guide will help you navigate this final week of class.

These are the classes that this round of the course covered. Here you will find the relevant materials to study:

Here are two Kahoot! games that you can play to help you study for the final exam:

Let me know what you thought about this class, and some possible topics that we should add for the next version!

ESL Digital Literacy Final Exam Link

And now that you are ready, here is the the final exam:

If you do not see it, click here to take the exam

The Habit Burger Grill Restaurant Review

Today March 21st I went to the Habit fast food restaurant. I thought it was not going to be busy but it was kind of busy. They were three people in front of me ordering their food, the patio was like at 50% full. The cashier was very polite as always at this restaurant. I ordered a Santa Barbara Char Burger with fries and strawberry shake. Something that I noticed was that if you order soda they give it to you with your order and I think is because of the Pandemia, before the Pandemia you were able to take your ice and soda yourself. I like the food from this restaurant.

Week 5. Google Drive Introduction

After you have become comfortable using the Internet, it is now time to contribute your own material! Google Drive, along with Google Docs and Google Slides, allow you to create documents and presentations that you can share with other people. To get started, first check out the following set on Quizlet:

To get the most advantage, review the terms from Week 3. Google Mania,

Your task today will be to:

  1. Make a Google Account
  2. Create a Google Doc and share it with your class. Collaborate on the Google Drive.
  3. Make a folder on Google Drive.

Week 1.5 Parts of a Mouse, Keyboard and iOS Device

Hello! For a deeper understanding of the technology that we are using throughout the course, check out this guide to learning the parts of a mouse, keyboard and iOS devices (iPads, iPhones).

First, check out this quizlet set:

Then, you can check out this guide to iOS:

Answer the following questions:

  1. Which key is the longest key?
  2. Which key erases the letters to the left side of the cursor?
  3. Which key is used to increase on space line?
  4. Which keys help type the letters in capital?
  5. Which key gives space to the words?
  6. How many arrow keys are there?
  7. Do you like physical keyboards? Do you prefer physical keyboards or virtual keyboards?
  8. Do you recommend an iPhone? Why or why not?
  9. Do you have an Android phone?
  10. Do you download apps? If yes, what apps have you downloaded?

Making up Your Mind Review

Joe is bored in the two sides of the story .He is not happy with his job even his a manager .,He will be better working with his friend ,No matter his paid be less. The story shows us that sometime we need to take right decisions in the right time,and Joe doesn’t take in the right time and when he finally took it ,it was so late and the chance has gone.