Taking the Extra Step Review

This is a story has two great messages, the first shows a worker who doesn’t want to improve himself in life. That is what I persist in the first part. I don’t like to have him as a co-worker. The boss will fire him. The second part is the opposite, I want him on myContinue reading “Taking the Extra Step Review”

How a Seed Grows Review

A seed is a plant that has not started to grow. All plants were seeds before they started to grow and some seeds grow faster than others. Some plants, like trees, take years to grow but other plants like some beans can take only a few days. An oak tree for example, grows very slowly.Continue reading “How a Seed Grows Review”

Gracie and Delilah Book Review

The name of the book is: Gracie and Delilah. I liked this book. Gracie and Delilah are the constant companions of Her Majesty. They are beautiful dogs. Life for Gracie and Delilah was filled with joy and love. One day, Her Majesty get sick and dies. She loved them and selected the perfect new homeContinue reading “Gracie and Delilah Book Review”