College Counseling Activity #2: Comparing Colleges/Mystery Colleges

Mystery College

Follow this five-part series of activities for students interested in applying to college. This is part 2! Catch up on part 1 here. This is a comparing colleges activity with a mystery college twist.

Use the following mystery colleges about the factors you should watch out for when applying to college.

1. State the name of the college/university.

2. Say the college or universities’

  • admission rate
  • graduation rate
  • drop-out rate
  • Amount of financial aid

3. State whether or not you would like to attend this college or whether it is a good college.

Click here to make a copy of the google form

Mystery college activity

Below are examples of three mystery colleges. Answer the questions and try to decide which is the best college.

Click here to make a copy of the google form

After you are done with the activity, I am sure you are curious to know what the mystery colleges are…

College #1 is …

Cal State Fullerton

College #2 is …

Harvey Mudd College !!!!!!!

College #3 is …

University of Phoenix Online !!!!!

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