College Counseling Personification Activity #1: I am a College/University!

Niche college research site

Follow this five-part series of activities for students interested in applying to college. This is part 1!

Personification is the act of giving something that is non-human, human properties, which can be useful when talking about the college you want to attend. Each college, with their location, history, types of students they admit, and their mission statements, develop a personality of their own. One way you can find out whether or not you like a college is by temporarily embodying it. Just like you can personify a sunflower 🌻 , saying it is confident because it stretches out towards the sun 🌞 and shows off its beauty, you can say that a college feels proud of itself for being the oldest and with the most endowment (money it has for its students). Use the following criteria as a starting point to figuring out a college’s personality, and what you might be interested in.

Fill this sheet out with at least two colleges so that you can compare them. Additionally, if you can find someone who attends the school, ask them how their school being in either of the categories affects their college experience. For example, I can say that because my alma mater, Scripps College, was a women’s college, I was able to develop a tight bond with fellow women, realizing how great and diverse they can be.

Note: HBCU stands for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. They primarily serve African-American students. For more information, click here. HACU stands for Hispanic Association of Schools and Colleges. These are schools that have a large population of Hispanic/Latino students. For more information, click here. A PWI, known as a primarily white institution, is a college where 40% of more of its enrollment is White/Caucasian. You can find the information on racial composition for each college, as well as the rest of the information you need at Niche.com. Check out Colleges that Change Lives, if you want a list of colleges to start with.

Niche.com, college researching website.
Niche.com is a great website for doing college research.

Students, use this link so that you have your own copy of the information you research!

After you’re done with this activity you can check out part 2 of the five part series.

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