Lesson 6: Capitalization

Here are words you must capitalize.

  • Names
  • Titles
  • Places (EX. United States)
  • The first letter of a sentence
  • Acronyms
  • I
  • Ontomonopeia (Ex. Dop)
  • Names of Nationally and ethnicities (Ex. Hispanics)
  • Holidays
  • Brands
  • Classes
  • Honorifics (Ex. Mr.Dr.Ms.)
  • Languages
  • Letter by themselves


  1. The meeting with Mayor Wilson was success.
  2. We drove West for two hours before getting to Monterry Mexico.

Capitalization Challenge: Do it yourself now!

trevor always looks forward to reading animal farm by gerorge orwell.

after finishing english class, samantha only got a’s and b’s in her essay

mr.white and mrs.jacobs are going to karate class at 9pm on tuesday.