Gracie and Delilah Book Review

The name of the book is: Gracie and Delilah. I liked this book. Gracie and Delilah are the constant companions of Her Majesty. They are beautiful dogs. Life for Gracie and Delilah was filled with joy and love. One day, Her Majesty get sick and dies. She loved them and selected the perfect new homeContinue reading “Gracie and Delilah Book Review”

All in One Piece Book Review

What I like about this book are the drawings and pictures that it has. It does not have a lot of content because it’s a short book but it talks abou family, particularly the lovely family that Mr. and Mrs. large have. It also emphasizes the importance of having some time for the parents toContinue reading “All in One Piece Book Review”

Air Book Review

I liked this book because it said how important the air is in the Earth. I even learned about all the things we can do thanks to air. Examples include playing instruments, flying a kite, and simply breathing. Dirty air is not good to breathe. It can hurt plants and animals. The book teaches usContinue reading “Air Book Review”

Air Book Review

As the title of the book says, air is everywhere as we all know but this book emphasizes the importance of having an Earth with clean air. Good quality air is much needed for our lives. Without air we can not survive as, even if we don’t see it and we can not touch it,Continue reading “Air Book Review”

Take the Summer Reading Recommendation Quiz

Summer is right around the corner, which means it is the perfect time to read some new fiction. The following quiz will help pick the ideal book for you. All of these books are ones I have read in the last two years. These are the best books I have read that are fiction andContinue reading “Take the Summer Reading Recommendation Quiz”