Starting the College Search

Finding the perfect college is a difficult task for anybody. Future undergraduates do various college applications but never visit every college they applied to. If you do visit a college campus, follow these points to fully take advantage of your college visit. If the PDF above isn’t working, don’t worry! Just read below for theContinue reading “Starting the College Search”

Scholarship for CA Undocumented Business Students 2020

Financing a college education can be possible with the help of the following scholarships that do not require citizenship, a Social Security # or DACA. These scholarships are geared more towards students studying business. For other scholarships available to undocumented students, check out Act on a Dream’s site. https://actonadream.squarespace.com/scholarship-database Another great resource for any studentContinue reading “Scholarship for CA Undocumented Business Students 2020”

College Counseling Personification Activity #1: I am a College/University!

Follow this five-part series of activities for students interested in applying to college. This is part 1! Personification is the act of giving something that is non-human, human properties, which can be useful when talking about the college you want to attend. Each college, with their location, history, types of students they admit, and theirContinue reading “College Counseling Personification Activity #1: I am a College/University!”

Do you really make an impact?

After already living out most of my college career, it was time for my high school best friend to pick the college of her dreams. She had narrowed it down to two choices. Since I lived in the dorms, I didn’t get to visit her as often as I used to. But now it wasContinue reading “Do you really make an impact?”

Review of Colleges that Change Lives

Bottom Line: Colleges that Change Lives is a refreshing and re-invigorating look at the college guide genre. It suffers from a lack of California options and frank discussions on financial aid. Most books in the college guide genre have money sign logos indicating that a school is a “great value”, fun-fact information boxes and admissionsContinue reading “Review of Colleges that Change Lives”