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Take the 2021 Movie Recommendations Quiz

Take the following quiz to find out which 2021 Neddys nominated movie you should watch next. The list was compiled between me and Eduardo Villa Jr. For the full list of nominees, check out #NEDDYS2021 on Twitter! Loading Movie Watching Recommendations 2021 var QuizWorks = window.QuizWorks || []; QuizWorks.push( [document.getElementById("embed-assessment-115461"), "assessment", "115461", { autostart: false,… Continue reading Take the 2021 Movie Recommendations Quiz

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2021 NEDDYS Film Award Winners

Best Cinematography Winner for 2021 Best Cinematography is! Tenet Best Original Score Winner for 2021 Best Original Score! Weathering with You Best Costume Design Winner for 2021 Best Costume Design! The Gentlemen Best Movie Editing Winner for 2021 Best Movie Editing! The Personal History of David Copperfield Best Comedy Winner of 2021 Best Comedy! Sonic… Continue reading 2021 NEDDYS Film Award Winners

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Neddy 2021 Nominations Announced!

Best Movies of 2020! I am pleased to announced that for the third year, we are hosting the Neddys 2021. Click here and here if you want to see our live stream announcement. Below are our nominations for best movies of 2020. We will be announcing the winners love on [embeddoc url=""]

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Movie Review: “Rust Creek Review”

A young woman have a interview job and she is driving for a long freeway and she can't the address, she finds two bad mens, she runs in to the forest, they chase her.She goes through a lot of bad things, finally she found a good man, he help she.  This is a good suspense… Continue reading Movie Review: “Rust Creek Review”

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Movie Review: “Game Changers”

The movie THE GAME CHANGERS Is based on the story of several famous athletes who one day knew that the best dieta to be stranger is the vegetariana Diet. it's protagonist was a personal defense Coach , bit one day he suffered an accident that left hum Disabled for a long time.During his combalescense he… Continue reading Movie Review: “Game Changers”

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Movie Review: “A Christmas Prince”

Amber, a journalist girl was sent to Aldovia for a news report from The Royal family. She stayed by mistake in the palace as the princess's tutor. Amber met the prince, she discovered about her usurpotion as tutor. Amber returned to New York but she and the prince fell in love.I like this movie because… Continue reading Movie Review: “A Christmas Prince”

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Movie Review: “Miracles From Heaven”

This movie is a story based on real events. Beam's family from Burleson Texas, They have three daughters, a united and happy family. Anna their youngest daughter got sick. They looked for many doctors without any answer. Anna and her mom traveled to Boston to see doctor Nurko. She had an incurable disease but a… Continue reading Movie Review: “Miracles From Heaven”

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Movie Review: “The Photographer of Mauthausen”

In this movie, a Catalan prisoner at a Nazi concentration camp uses his office job to steal photo negatives of the atrocities committed there. The prisoners got their freedom and they took revenge of the NazisI like this movie because the Catalans fought until they had their freedom.I give this movie 4 stars of 5.