The Habit Burger Grill Restaurant Review

Today March 21st I went to the Habit fast food restaurant. I thought it was not going to be busy but it was kind of busy. They were three people in front of me ordering their food, the patio was like at 50% full. The cashier was very polite as always at this restaurant. IContinue reading “The Habit Burger Grill Restaurant Review”

A Robot Instead

This story is about Sonny. He is a welder, he thinks his job is loudest, all day he hears the same sounds. One day the auto plant decide Instead the humans with robots so sonny had to leave his job. He was very very sad and worry, because he thought maybe he can’t find aContinue reading “A Robot Instead”

Movie Review: “Rust Creek Review”

A young woman have a interview job and she is driving for a long freeway and she can’t the address, she finds two bad mens, she runs in to the forest, they chase her.She goes through a lot of bad things, finally she found a good man, he help she.  This is a good suspenseContinue reading “Movie Review: “Rust Creek Review””

A Robot Instead

Sonny works at The auto plant. Sometimes he was tired of his job. He wishes he never have to see one more engine block. In The auto plant all workers were replaced by machines. (Robots) The owner believes that robots do better work than workers. Sonny lost his job. Sonny and his family had financialContinue reading “A Robot Instead”

A Robot Instead

Sonny was working in an Auto Plant but the constant and repetitive noise was making him feel tired of his job but at the same time was Sonny’s living. It was how he fed his family. Before this job Sonny was working as a welder but he didn’t want to go back to that job.Continue reading “A Robot Instead”

A Robot Instead Review

The book tells the story of Sonny, a married man who worked in a welding plant, where he was constantly disturbed by the noise of screws, steel elements, hammers, etc. One day, they called a meeting where the boss decided that Sonny would no longer work for the company because a robot was going toContinue reading “A Robot Instead Review”