ESL Digital Literacy Course Final Study Guide

Congratulations for making it to the end of this digital literacy course! In this class, I hope you all had fun and that you all had great conversations and learned new technology. This guide will help you navigate this final week of class. These are the classes that this round of the course covered. HereContinue reading “ESL Digital Literacy Course Final Study Guide”

Week 5. Google Drive Introduction

After you have become comfortable using the Internet, it is now time to contribute your own material! Google Drive, along with Google Docs and Google Slides, allow you to create documents and presentations that you can share with other people. To get started, first check out the following set on Quizlet: To get the mostContinue reading “Week 5. Google Drive Introduction”

Week 1.5 Parts of a Mouse, Keyboard and iOS Device

Hello! For a deeper understanding of the technology that we are using throughout the course, check out this guide to learning the parts of a mouse, keyboard and iOS devices (iPads, iPhones). First, check out this quizlet set: Then, you can check out this guide to iOS: https://edu.gcfglobal.org/en/iphonebasics/getting-started-with-the-iphone/1/ Answer the following questions: Which key isContinue reading “Week 1.5 Parts of a Mouse, Keyboard and iOS Device”

Week 3. Android Devices

Hello everyone! After learning about iPhones and the parts of a keyboard/mouse, we are now going to learn about Android devices and Internet Forums. Android devices are the most popular type of phone. First, take a look at the following Introduction to Android devices. Next, study the following Android phone related words. Take the timeContinue reading “Week 3. Android Devices”

Week 6. Internet Lingo and Final Exam

Hello everyone! Welcome to the final stretch of our digital literacy class. I highly enjoyed teaching you all the wonders of mastering programs like Google Slides, Google Docs and Google Classroom together. I also enjoyed helping you make using the Internet a lot easier with browser tabs, search engines, incognito mode and bookmarks. Finally, IContinue reading “Week 6. Internet Lingo and Final Exam”

Week 5. Library Resources and Bookmarks

Hello everyone! As you might now by now, I work at the Los Angeles Public Library as a cybernaut. I love helping others with their technology. Now, the program has relaunched as Virtual Cybernaut services. Cybernauts are there to help us with anything library-related, especially for topics beyond the scope of my ESL Digital LiteracyContinue reading “Week 5. Library Resources and Bookmarks”

Week 3. Cybersecurity

Because of the potential of being hit by cyber-attackers and having your personal information stolen, it is important to stay safe online. It is important to watch out for Spams, scams and phishing. For more information, check out my other article on cybersecurity. During your time using the computer, you may be exposed to suspiciousContinue reading “Week 3. Cybersecurity”

Week 2. Zoom in on Google Tools

This week, you will spend your time downloading, appreciating and trying out three new Google Tools: Google Slides, Google Drive and Google Classroom. To access Google Slides, you can either visit: https://www.google.com/slides/about/ from the Google waffle menu, or, if on a phone or mobile device, download the Google Slides App on the Google Play StoreContinue reading “Week 2. Zoom in on Google Tools”

Week 6. Online Learning Resources

Welcome to the last week of this online course. It has been a blast to guide you through the basics of computer and Internet use. First, start off by taking the Week 5 Quiz: Loading… Kahoot! Final Exam Review Final Exam: Pass with a 70% to get a certificate! Loading ESL Conversation with an emphasisContinue reading “Week 6. Online Learning Resources”