The Odd1s Out: The First Sequel Review

Use the following reviews of the Odds1stOut book to help you as you practice writing your own book report. 9th grade level Odds1sout: The First Sequel, consists of stories of James’ Rallison’s life and random facts. For instance, Rallison describes his first dog – and second dog- with an entertaining amount of detail, while mixingContinue reading “The Odd1s Out: The First Sequel Review”

Get Started with Reading at the LAPL Library

Here are a list of things you can do to start taking advantage of our LAPL Library Resources! If you would like other resources for books, check out this article. For information about all library electronic resources, check out this guide. Sign up for a library card. It is easy to get a library cardContinue reading “Get Started with Reading at the LAPL Library”

Taking the Extra Step Review

Dan works in the front counter of a garden store. In the first part, Dan is a bad employee. He doesn’t work like he should be working. In the second part, Dan is a good employee. He does a better job. He had a better day and he was not bored. I like this bookContinue reading “Taking the Extra Step Review”

How to Check an Apartment Review

I like this story about Ben because he’s a responsible person. First he looked at the apartment, and Ben and the landlady checked the apartment together. He checked the door, the peephole, and the smoke alarm. The alarm works but it is very noisy. In the bathroom, he saw some bad detailing. Ben felt forContinue reading “How to Check an Apartment Review”

Taking the Extra Step Review

In the book, Taking the Extra Step, Dan is at his work in the store and it is very quiet. While he was waiting, he checked the time a lot. In part 2, he sees a pot that was broken and changed the plant inside. He was a plant that was dry and he watersContinue reading “Taking the Extra Step Review”

Taking the Extra Step Review

He does not want to water the flowers. He doesn’t love his work. He is playing on his cell phone. He looks bored. He is dishonest with the time. He is watching his watch thinking about the time he is going to go home. The plants look very unkempt and dry. I did not likeContinue reading “Taking the Extra Step Review”