APA History, APA US History

APA History Class Work Schedule

World History: Period 1: Expansion and Isolation - 09/29/2021Eurasia Vocabulary- 09/29/2021Participation is graded weeklyWorld History Test (Summative) - 09/27/2021A Day in the Life of a Geisha/Samurai 10/19/2021UN Declaration Packet 10/19Letter as a Russian Serf 10/21Test- Japan/Columbus Day (Summative)10/11 Test- Russia (Summative) 10/29History Day Project (Unit Test) 11/3Process Paper (Summative) 11/5Transformations in Europe Vocabulary 10/26Kahoot! World… Continue reading APA History Class Work Schedule

APA History, APA US History

Articles of Confederation

Introduction: With the introduction of the Declaration of Independence, the continental congress recognized the need to establish guideline for a new government. Congress's overriding concern to insure that the government was not as strong as centralized body similar to the British Parliament. With that in mind, the Articles of Confederation were drafted and adopted, providing… Continue reading Articles of Confederation

APA History, APA US History

History Day!

History Day is an annual competition where a person or team presents a chosen history topic to a team of judges.  Theme: The theme for 2022 is: Debate & Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pA8RthhavY Information: We will have the preliminary competition in the first week of November. Everyone will participate. The top team… Continue reading History Day!

APA English

Lesson: Harrison Bergeron

After reading the nonfiction book,The Road to Serfdom write what you have learned about what some thinkers believe will happen in a world of central planning. Now you will analyze the potential consequences of central planning in a fictional setting. The story of Harrison Bergeron involves a world where, in the United States everyone is equal.… Continue reading Lesson: Harrison Bergeron

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APA English

Deep Dive: Body Paragraphs.

Whenever you write an essay the meat of info is in the body paragraph. A trick I like to do is write the body paragraph before even writing the introduction. This is what you are going to do as you revise your essay on Why become proficient at English? (Essay #1). Below is a link… Continue reading Deep Dive: Body Paragraphs.

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APA English

Why become proficient at English? (Essay #1)

Here are some examples to help get started: To communicate better with others.To get paid more.To succeed at the PSAT. To get a better jobs. (actors, teachers, lawyers)To sound professional.To be taken seriously.To express yourself better.To have a better understanding.(books, movies, music) With the ideas given above write down the three that seem the most… Continue reading Why become proficient at English? (Essay #1)

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APA English

Self Introduction Activity

In order to be successful for job interview you have to be able to successfully answer the Self Introduction question "Tell me about yourself?". The following is an activity you could use for your self introduction if you have no job experience or are only a teenager. Self Introduction Name.Grade/ Name of School.Something you like… Continue reading Self Introduction Activity

ABE English

Using transitional words effectively

The following are resources for learning transitional words and phrases. Start here for an explanation and short quiz: https://bestgedclasses.org/using-transitional-words-and-phrases/ Take a transitional words quiz: https://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=transitional-words_3 Exercise: Add missing transition words to the following paragraph: Below is a useful reference of popular transition words: