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Welcome and Introduction!

Hello everyone!

If you are reading this, I first want to say thank you for giving me a chance 🙂 For now, this blog will be anonymous and so my job in this post is to make myself sound as credible as possible without giving too much of myself away.

I am currently an Instructional Aide at a high-performing charter school. This is after I’ve had a hectic two years post-graduation working in four different districts besides this current one. I wanted to become a teacher. And I tried. I really tried and I know my graduate school really tried too, as they moved me from school to school finding the right spot for me. But at the end of the day, teaching, at least in the format of having a dedicated classroom of 30-130 students each day, wasn’t for me.

I’m still completely submerged in the education system, working at an elementary school and occasionally at a high school as a college counselor. I debated when was the right time to share my thoughts on what’s going right and wrong with the education system. I thought about waiting until I was out of the system so that I can be free to share my opinions. However, I feel now is the right time as my memories can still be fresh and I can react in real time to any evolving trends as they happen.

My ultimate goal in life is to be an advocate for students, so that they can have a better education system. Currently, I am trying to study the Law, so that one day I can pass new laws and repeal unnecessary ones.

Join me as I take you through my experiences working in the best and worst school environments (Hint: It’s pretty good right now). I will show you how what they are doing connects with current trends regarding education policy as a whole. We might also have more general education, technology or politics posts, so look out for those too!

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