ESL Digital Literacy

Week 5. Google Drive Introduction

After you have become comfortable using the Internet, it is now time to contribute your own material! Google Drive, along with Google Docs and Google Slides, allow you to create documents and presentations that you can share with other people. To get started, first check out the following set on Quizlet: To get the most… Continue reading Week 5. Google Drive Introduction

ESL Digital Literacy

Week 2. Zoom in on Google Tools

This week, you will spend your time downloading, appreciating and trying out three new Google Tools: Google Slides, Google Drive and Google Classroom. To access Google Slides, you can either visit: from the Google waffle menu, or, if on a phone or mobile device, download the Google Slides App on the Google Play Store… Continue reading Week 2. Zoom in on Google Tools

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ESL Digital Literacy

Week 4. Tech Troubleshooting

Show what you know by taking the Week 3 Quiz. Click here if you need a refresh of the material first. You will often come up with problems when you use technology. It is important to be able to express those problems and to find ways to solve them. Common problems include freezing, Internet connectivity… Continue reading Week 4. Tech Troubleshooting

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ESL Digital Literacy

Week 1. Basic Technology and Computer Components

Welcome! Today starts your journey towards becoming tech-savvy! In this series, you will learn about how technology can help you meet your English learning goals. You will also be able to identify the parts of a computer, use Google Forms and access digital learning resources. To keep up with updates to the SMMUSD ESL Conversation… Continue reading Week 1. Basic Technology and Computer Components