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ESL Beginning High

Understanding a Class Schedule

Balancing school responsibilities with work is a struggle that many Americans face. It is important to give everything its due time. Making a schedule, putting in the times of your classes, is a great way to find time to be able to study. In your schedule, include the times of your classes, as well as times you go to work and other appointments. Share your schedule with others to get feedback on the amount of time that you have.

First, read and understand the schedule below. Being able to read and understand this schedule will allow you to be able to make your own.

Complete the following sentences

  1. Adam is taking ______ classes.
  2. Adam’s ESL class is on Monday, ____________, Wednesday and ______________.
  3. Adam’s writing class is on __________________ and ______________.
  4. Adam’s computer class is from 12:00 to _____________.

Next, solve the following problem:

Adam works as a waiter on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4:00 to 11:00. Adam needs to study twelve hours a week. Create a study schedule for Adam.

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