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EL Civics, ESL Beginning High

EL Civics 3. Job Interviews Do’s and Don’t

In your EL Civics exam, Task 2 will have you do a mock job interview. Before we complete our mock interview, we will go over some basic information about job interviews. For reference, here is the wording about the expectations for Task 2

“ROLE PLAY A JOB INTERVIEW – In a simulated job interview, student will play the role of the applicant; assessor will play the part of the employer.”

As we go into job interviews, learn the common terminology behind job interviews. If you do not know Spanish, here is a list on Learning Chocolate.

Job interviews are the last step of the job application process before deciding whether or not you are hired, as illustrated below.

Steps in the job application process.

  1. Look for and find a job you want online.
  2. Create a resume that shows how your skills and experience match up with what the job requires.
  3. Apply for the job by submitting an application or sending your information over.
  4. Get on the shortlist of candidates and complete a job interview.
  5. Get hired!

Job interviews are your chance to show employers why you are the best person for the job and to ask questions to your possible new employer. Today, we will see examples of good job interviews, as well as not so great ones. First, watch the following video about job interviews and answer these questions:

Job Interview Video by TheOdds1sOut

  1. What did James want to be? Was he able to get that career?
  2. Did James’s dad want him to apply to jobs in person or online? Which one was better?
  3. What fast food chain did James get a job at? Which one did not hire him?
  4. What did James do that was responsible?

Check off these items as you prepare for your next interview.

Now, we will learn how to do a great model interview:

After watching the video, what are the top three interview tips that you learned?

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