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ESL Beginning High

English Time Announcements

In English, time to the hour is written with the expression o’clock. Time to the minute (as in five thirty) does not include the expression o’clock; 1:20 = one fifteen and 4:00 = four o’clock. Use these terms as you talk with other people about these common store opening hours. Below are real-life examples of different locations’ opening hours. Use them to practice a conversation.

Example Conversation

Customer: Hello. When is the library open?

Librarian: We open at nine o’clock in the morning and close at nine in the evening, from Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, we’re open from 10 A.M to 5 P.M.

Customer: I see. Thank you.

Example Opening Times

Los Angeles Public Library Library to Go Service

Los Angeles County Library Hold Pickup Service

Santa Monica CVS Pharmacy

Movie Theater- AMC Santa Monica 7

Beverly Hills Starbucks

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