Movie Reviews, The Game Changers

Movie Review: “Game Changers”

The movie THE GAME CHANGERS Is based on the story of several famous athletes who one day knew that the best dieta to be stranger is the vegetariana Diet. it’s protagonist was a personal defense Coach , bit one day he suffered an accident that left hum Disabled for a long time.During his combalescense he dedicated himself yo reading ,finding one good day with the history of the Gladiators and Archeology ,where he discovered that they had un their bones High Bone Mineral Density and wanted yo know what the secret was and together with the DR: at the training Center that the secret was in the Diet because the Gladiators ate beans and a large quantity of vegetables which contain Strontium.

James was astonished and continúed investigating , el discovering later that Many Famous Athletes were vegetarians.
Among them Scott Jurek.
Murray Rose.
Edwin Moses.
Carl Lewis.
Morgan Milchel
Emil Voigt.
Poav Nurvi.
Dotsie Bauch.
Kendrick Farris.
Say the Dr: Robert Voque .the Harvard Uno versity y others Drs: it is an error says that animal proteín produces energy.

For me it was a very interesting movie. I give it 5 stars 5

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