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ESL Beginning High

Resume Example and Selection Activity

Job applicants usually bring their resume to an interview. A resume is a summary of your job and education experience, as well as personal information about you.

Read the following profiles of 5 fictitious people. Practice putting their information into a resume. Below is a simple resume template.

Scenario: We have a new job opening at Omega Airlines for a flight attendant position. Which of these candidates should get the job?


Mari is a 21 year old college student who graduates in May. She studies psychology at the University of Arizona. She loves travelling, and studied in England for one semester. She also has interests in cooking and in learning sign language. Her only work experience is from working at the college cafeteria as a food prep worker. She has a good recommendation from her English professor saying she can read and write well. Last year, she won an award in her class for best essay in the class. She is involved in her community by tutoring elementary school kids in reading every week.


Mid adult male worker stacking bags on trailer at runway

Steven is a 33 year old baggage handler who is looking for a promotion in Omega Airlines to flight attendant. He has a great recommendation from his supervisor, who said he understands the airport well and pays attention to detail. Before he was a baggage handler, Steven was a cabin cleaner. He won employee of the month two times, March 2017 and May 2019. He graduated from Sequoia High School in 2006. Steven is involved in his church community, organizing fundraisers and setting up fun events for the congregation. He is interested in baseball and playing cards with his friends.


Aurora is a 19 year old teenager with big dreams. She did not finish high school, but is currently taking GED classes. She loves watching YouTube videos of travel vloggers. She wishes she could be a flight attendant so that she could travel the world and stay in nice hotels. She also loves animals and volunteers at the animal shelter. In high school, she was involved in the school yearbook. She did not win any awards. She also does not have any work experience, and so this would be her first job.


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Nanci is a 41 year old woman looking for change. She is bored of having to stay at home with the kids and so wants to travel the world as a flight attendant. Before she was a homemaker, Nanci worked as a parking lot attendant in San Francisco Airport. She did not graduate from high school, but has her GED. Now, Nanci likes to be involved in the community by going to neighborhood watch meetings (where she learns about her neighborhood) and volunteers at her daughter’s school. Her interests are gardening and playing Scrabble.


Roxy is a 22 year old woman who looks for this flight attendant job because it would be more fun than her current job. Right now, she works as a waitress at Johnny Rockets. She graduated from La Guardia High School in 2017. In high school, she was in the cheer-leading team and also took a lot of art classes. Before the waitress job, Roxy worked as a sign spinner in Gardena, CA. She has a good recommendation from the sign spinner job. Her boss says that she helped Pancho’s Insurance grow 5 more customers a week! She does not have community activities or awards. Roxy loves to sing, dance and help her mom with her ESL homework.

Out of these candidates, which one should get a flight attendant job?

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