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Week 1.5 Parts of a Mouse, Keyboard and iOS Device

Hello! For a deeper understanding of the technology that we are using throughout the course, check out this guide to learning the parts of a mouse, keyboard and iOS devices (iPads, iPhones).

First, check out this quizlet set:

Then, you can check out this guide to iOS:

Answer the following questions:

  1. Which key is the longest key?
  2. Which key erases the letters to the left side of the cursor?
  3. Which key is used to increase on space line?
  4. Which keys help type the letters in capital?
  5. Which key gives space to the words?
  6. How many arrow keys are there?
  7. Do you like physical keyboards? Do you prefer physical keyboards or virtual keyboards?
  8. Do you recommend an iPhone? Why or why not?
  9. Do you have an Android phone?
  10. Do you download apps? If yes, what apps have you downloaded?

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