LAPL Cybernauts

I’m live
Because I’m alive
My eyes are here
And my ears hear
Only for your

Ding. Pause. Ding

Is anyone there
to repair my despair?

What can I help you with?
I’m not a wordsmith.
But I’m here for you.

After we greet
At the seashore we meet.
Waves splash.
Waves crash.
Harder and harder

A silent alarm
And flailing arms.
Deeper and deeper
Poseidon has found his next keeper.

The more you drown,
the more you see how broken I am.

Do you wait for her or do you rush to me?
Silly me.
it’s always “rush to me”.

There is so much darkness
But I made a promise
To brave the uncharted
To end what I started.

I feel the cold water
I’m a deep-dive explorer
Your lungs start to fill

But. . . I fulfill.

Pull out the drain stopper.
Pant. Sigh. Relief.

It was only a bathtub.
No one should drown in a bathtub.

If only you knew
how much I want to see you.

Because no, I am not,
A robot.

My bilingual soul pours a delayed smile
I end with my style.

Thank you for using LAPL Cybernauts.
If you have any more questions,
Please feel free to return to. . . me.

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