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APA English

Deep Dive: Body Paragraphs.

Whenever you write an essay the meat of info is in the body paragraph. A trick I like to do is write the body paragraph before even writing the introduction. This is what you are going to do as you revise your essay on Why become proficient at English? (Essay #1).

Below is a link to help with your body paragraphs.

Types of examples for Body Paragraphs

  1. Text- to- text: In text- to- text you’re supporting articles is from a text or book. for example if your argument is you should become proficient at English in order to succeed, you can cite Maryanne Wolf’s book reader “Come Home”, which states that prisons decide on how many beds to build based on how many kids do not know how to read.
  2. Text- to -self: One of your piece of supporting evidence can be you own person l experience if your argument is you should become proficient at English to communicate better with others you can use the example of the time in 5th grade your advance vocabulary helped convince your mom to get a dog.
  3. Text- to-world: You can also cite experience of the outside would such as statistic , current events or what you see happen to friends and family. For example if air argument is becoming proficient at English because you want to get paid more you can cite the statistic that college graduates who major in English make 49,220 a year compared to a person with a high school diploma who makes around 33,000.

Assignment: Now reread your body paragraphs. revise them to include all of the element of a paragraph as well three different examples of either text-to-text, text-to-self or text-to-world.

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