FEE: A pre-college opportunity for entrepreneurial, business-minded students

FEE (Foundation for Economic Education) is a nonprofit organization that sponsors summer seminars for teenagers. It started in 1946. These three day events allow students to stay in a college campus while they learn the principals of economics. Some sessions also focus on entrepreneurship and leadership. Students might be interested in this opportunity because itContinue reading “FEE: A pre-college opportunity for entrepreneurial, business-minded students”

College Counseling Activity #2: Comparing Colleges/Mystery Colleges

Follow this five-part series of activities for students interested in applying to college. This is part 2! Catch up on part 1 here. This is a comparing colleges activity with a mystery college twist. Use the following mystery colleges about the factors you should watch out for when applying to college. 1. State the nameContinue reading “College Counseling Activity #2: Comparing Colleges/Mystery Colleges”