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Top 3 tips for parent engagement during college applications

Here are the top 3 tips parents can use to support their daughter(s)/son(s) through the college application process. This, along with individualized plans and the five part activity series.

What you can do as a parentReason it’s important
Monitor/Be aware of social media posts.
Examples of what to watch out for:
? Oversharing personal life
? Sexual images, nudity
? Drug/Alcohol use
Colleges and employers are now sometimes asking for students’ Twitter handles/Facebook profiles on their applications. Inappropriate posts can harm an otherwise great person’s reputation.
Be transparent with your child about your finances. Let them know:
? How much money you are making.
? Any financial hardships you are going through.
Students need to be aware of their financial situation so that they can apply to summer programs and scholarships most suitable for them.
Motivate and let your child participate in extracurricular activities. Going beyond the school curriculum allows students to have their brain enriched and practice meeting new and different types of people. Colleges will require students to submit a list of extracurricular activities and awards.

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