APA History Class Work Schedule

World History: Period 1: Expansion and Isolation – 09/29/2021 UN Declaration in Eurasia – 09/29/2021 Participation is graded weekly Wold History Test – 09/27/2021 Period 6: UN Declaration – 09/30/2021 Participation is graded weekly Test – 09/27/2021 Euraisa Vocabulary – 10/19/2021 A Day in… – 10/19/2021 United States History: Period 2: Own Declaration of IndependenceContinue reading “APA History Class Work Schedule”

Articles of Confederation

Introduction: With the introduction of the Declaration of Independence, the continental congress recognized the need to establish guideline for a new government. Congress’s overriding concern to insure that the government was not as strong as centralized body similar to the British Parliament. With that in mind, the Articles of Confederation were drafted and adopted, providingContinue reading “Articles of Confederation”

Declaration of Independence Study Guide

As part of the APA US History class expectations, you are expected to memorize the first two sentences of the Declaration of Independence. But why is the Declaration of Independence so important? The Declaration of Independence was the first time that a nation’s people asserted their right to choose their own government. The Declaration statesContinue reading “Declaration of Independence Study Guide”