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A Day in the Life of a Cybernaut

First, if you need to refresh on your adjectives, click here.

In this activity, fill in the missing adjectives in this story and get a peek into the life of a Los Angeles Public Library cybernaut. If you need help, I have posted a list of possible adjectives to use below. Everything in this story really happened, although the order of the events might be different.

For a version you can use for your own purposes, click here.

Adjective Word Bank (use these or come up with your own!)

  • depressing
  • fancy
  • impressive
  • tall, middle-aged
  • obsolete/old
  • nostalgic/beautiful
  • interesting
  • three
  • many
  • masterpiece/ famous book
  • high
  • unconventional
  • old
  • inexpensive
  • unfortunate/bad
  • amazing

If you are ready for more, click here for a more advanced adjective lesson.

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