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Proper Adjectives/Using Adjectives to make your writing more concise

What do Trumpian tweets, French poodles, and Buddhist monks have in common? They are all described using proper adjectives! Proper adjectives are based on names and need to be capitalized. They tend to be based in either a certain place or person. Take a look at some examples:

Practice Use adjectives, both proper and common, to make the following sentence more descriptive:

For more examples of proper adjectives, click here.

Making your writing more concise

Make your sentences less wordy by replacing nouns with adjectives. For example, rather than writing, “Princess Diana traveled through several nations on the continent of Africa”, you can write, “Princess Diana visited several African nations.” Here is another example:

Rewrite the following sentence using an adjective. The following exercise problems are adapted from Grammar & Usage for Better Writing.

Click here for a version you can use on your own.

Also, be sure to check out Adjectives in a nutshell and A Day in the Life of a Cybernaut for more adjective-related explanations and practice!

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