ESL Beginning High

English in Action: Welcome Unit/”Be” Part 2

Homework update: Use the English in Action Audio Course to complete the workbook exercises.

It is important to be able to ask questions about yourself and other people with Be. Check out this handy chart for reference, courtesy of English in Action 2. (If you do not have the textbook for English in Action 2, order your copy. )

Now, use the present “be” form “is” to write sentences about a famous person. First, look up a famous person.

Next, answer the questions we have practiced:

  1. What is her/his name?
  2. Where is she/he from?
  3. What is she/he?
  4. Is he/she married? Does he/she have any children?
  5. What does she/he do?

Now, write three or more sentences about the person you chose.

Check out the following example for reference:

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