EL Civics, ESL Beginning High

EL Civics 1. Want Ad Abbreviations

For this year’s EL Civics assessment, students will complete two tasks related to employment and job training. The main objective is:

Identify and access employment and training resources needed to obtain and keep a job.

Here, we will focus on the first Task.

Task 1: Interpret Job Openings

Given resources such as “help wanted” ads optimally on the internet but can be in print, students will interpret employment openings infields related to job interests and will complete a chart of job openings each of which will include required key elements.

First, let’s study the abbreviations related to help-wanted ads.

Next, match the want ad abbreviation with the complete word.

Finally, take this beginning-level EL Civics employment quiz. Practice answering the questions, by writing the answer on a separate piece of paper.

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