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EL Civics, ESL Beginning High

EL Civics 2. Want Ad Live Practice and Job Titles

This is the second part to the Beginning EL Civics Training Module. For part one, click here .

First, let’s get acquainted with examples of different job title. A job title is the name of the position that a job has.

Occupations Vocabulary

What do they do? Occupations Matching Exercise

Now that you know the common abbreviations related to job wanted ads, it is time to see some for yourself and analyze them. Check out examples of job wanted ads, and fill in the appropriate information about them on this chart. Abbreviations are more commonly used in print ads, as seen in the sample below:

Think: Which of these jobs would you like to do the most? What about the least? Why?
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Here is a guide to finding jobs. The site also offers other job posting tips. Common websites to find jobs include Craigslist Los Angeles and

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