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EL Civics, ESL Beginning High

EL Civics 4. Preparing for a Zoom Interview

To be prepared for your mock interview, let’s go over some common interview questions, as well as the appropriate answer.

Now that you have seen the example of James, and the tips related to an in-person interview, let’s look at some tips related to Zoom Interviews. I have created a lesson on EdPuzzle for you to follow along. Here are some additional vocabulary terms that will show up in the lesson:

Now, we are going to imagine that we are at an engineering firm. You are trying to get a job as an engineer. Practice the following script with a partner.

In pairs, you will practice a sample job interview with the following questions:

To start, follow along with the following video using the same questions. All of the credit is to Laura, our great Advanced ESL teacher and one of her students:

  1. Can I ask you some questions about your skills and abilities?

  1. Are you good with computers?

  1. Are you a hard worker?

  1. Can you speak Chinese?

  1. Can you work well with others?

  1. Are you punctual?

Using your own life, answer the following questions with a partner.

Lastly, in preparation for next Tuesday’s class, use this poll to vote for the next student choice conversation topic.

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