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A Robot Instead Review

The book tells the story of Sonny, a married man who worked in a welding plant, where he was constantly disturbed by the noise of screws, steel elements, hammers, etc. One day, they called a meeting where the boss decided that Sonny would no longer work for the company because a robot was going to replace him. This news made him very sad because Sonny had a family to support. However, he had a wife who supported him with her words and encouraged him to look for another job. The family had to cut expenses … but very soon Sonny, with the help of a lady who told him about a job advertisement, had a new job with his new boss Curt Dobson who hired him right away, There was also noise over there but it no longer bothered him so much. Then they also brought robots there but Sonny was trained to handle the robots since he was an expert welder. His economic situation stabilized … I like this story because it shows perseverance and the desire to excel.

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