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A Robot Instead

Sonny was working in an Auto Plant but the constant and repetitive noise was making him feel tired of his job but at the same time was Sonny’s living. It was how he fed his family. Before this job Sonny was working as a welder but he didn’t want to go back to that job.

One day the man in charge of the whole plant called for a meeting, the workers had no idea what they were about to hear. They were going to be replaced by Robots. Sonny felt a low as he had ever been in his whole life. After hard days he found a new job as a welder but working as a welder was better than no job at all. Sonny eventually was offered to learn how to control Robots, Robots that were going to replace him again as a welder but this time he was going to control the Robots.

I like this story because this is something new to learn and never is late to be successful.

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