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APA English

Overview of Class Expectations and Grading for APA 8th/9th Grade English

Hello everyone! I am delighted to have met you all on this first week at school here at Aspire Pacific Academy. Here is a review of the class expectations and grading guidelines for the class for your reference.

Classroom Expectations

  1. Come to class on time and prepared with at least paper and a pencil/pen. A notebook or 3 ring binder is recommended.
  2. Respect everyone in the class.
  3. Try your best and always try to go above and beyond.
  4. Keep masks on the whole time (sips of water are OK) and maintain 3ft social distancing guidelines.

Grading Expectations

  1. Assignments in this class are either complete or incomplete. Complete assignments are considered to be worth 100% of the possible points. If you only turn in a rough draft but it is substantial, you MAY get 50% of the credit.
  2. Your grade in the class is worth a percentage of the tasks completed. There may be a final project at the end of the class, which would be worth +/- one letter grade. Your participation or lack of participation is also worth +/- one letter grade.
  3. All work is due on Monday (But, there is no final due date. Everything is ongoing and can be made up.) All corrections that I have available will be given on Friday. Use Friday to make any corrections to your assignments.
  4. Examples of the work you complete in this class include:
    • Regular Classwork
    • Grammar Exercises
    • Essays
    • Weekly Book Report

Guidelines for Weekly Book Report

8th grade: At least 3 paragraphs long. Outline:

  • Book Summary
  • What you liked and didn’t like. Include your favorite part.
  • Star rating and whether or not you’d recommend this book.

9th grade: At least 4 paragraphs long. Outline:

  • Book Summary
  • Who the audience for this book is.
  • What you liked and didn’t like. Include your favorite part and your least favorite part.
  • Star Rating and whether or not you would recommend this book

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