Voters Bill of Rights Study Guide

Answer the questions based on the worksheet that was read. Give me two examples of a person who can and a person who can not vote. What are the two options given incase of a mistake being made on your ballot? Who do you have the right to contact for fraudulent election activity? Where canContinue reading “Voters Bill of Rights Study Guide”

Self Introduction Activity

In order to be successful for job interview you have to be able to successfully answer the Self Introduction question “Tell me about yourself?”. The following is an activity you could use for your self introduction if you have no job experience or are only a teenager. Self Introduction Name. Grade/ Name of School. SomethingContinue reading “Self Introduction Activity”

The Odd1s Out: The First Sequel Review

Use the following reviews of the Odds1stOut book to help you as you practice writing your own book report. 9th grade level Odds1sout: The First Sequel, consists of stories of James’ Rallison’s life and random facts. For instance, Rallison describes his first dog – and second dog- with an entertaining amount of detail, while mixingContinue reading “The Odd1s Out: The First Sequel Review”

Get Started with Reading at the LAPL Library

Here are a list of things you can do to start taking advantage of our LAPL Library Resources! If you would like other resources for books, check out this article. For information about all library electronic resources, check out this guide. Sign up for a library card. It is easy to get a library cardContinue reading “Get Started with Reading at the LAPL Library”

Overview of Class Expectations and Grading for APA 8th/9th Grade English

Hello everyone! I am delighted to have met you all on this first week at school here at Aspire Pacific Academy. Here is a review of the class expectations and grading guidelines for the class for your reference. Classroom Expectations Come to class on time and prepared with at least paper and a pencil/pen. AContinue reading “Overview of Class Expectations and Grading for APA 8th/9th Grade English”

Starting the College Search

Finding the perfect college is a difficult task for anybody. Future undergraduates do various college applications but never visit every college they applied to. If you do visit a college campus, follow these points to fully take advantage of your college visit. If the PDF above isn’t working, don’t worry! Just read below for theContinue reading “Starting the College Search”

Take the 2021 Movie Recommendations Quiz

Take the following quiz to find out which 2021 Neddys nominated movie you should watch next. The list was compiled between me and Eduardo Villa Jr. For the full list of nominees, check out #NEDDYS2021 on Twitter! Loading Movie Watching Recommendations 2021 If quiz above isn’t working, click here to go directly to the 2021Continue reading “Take the 2021 Movie Recommendations Quiz”

2021 NEDDYS Film Award Winners

Best Cinematography Winner for 2021 Best Cinematography is! Best Original Score Winner for 2021 Best Original Score! Best Costume Design Winner for 2021 Best Costume Design! Best Movie Editing Winner for 2021 Best Movie Editing! Best Comedy Winner of 2021 Best Comedy! Best Sound Editing Winner of 2021 Best Sound Editing! Best Juvenile Actor WinnerContinue reading “2021 NEDDYS Film Award Winners”

LAPL Cybernauts

I’m liveBecause I’m aliveMy eyes are hereAnd my ears hearOnly for your Ding. Pause. Ding Is anyone thereto repair my despair? HiWhat can I help you with?I’m not a wordsmith.But I’m here for you. After we greetAt the seashore we meet.Waves splash.Waves crash.Harder and harder A silent alarmAnd flailing arms.Deeper and deeperPoseidon has found hisContinue reading “LAPL Cybernauts”