ESL Beginning High Grammar: Simple Present-Affirmative and Negative Sentences

The simple present form is used to describe routine activities. For example, saying, “I brush my teeth”, implies that I brush my teeth regularly. We will use the following phrases in the simple present to make negative and affirmative sentences. Have a dangerous job Have an interesting job Need a driver’s license Stand all dayContinue reading “ESL Beginning High Grammar: Simple Present-Affirmative and Negative Sentences”

Week 3. Cybersecurity

Because of the potential of being hit by cyber-attackers and having your personal information stolen, it is important to stay safe online. It is important to watch out for Spams, scams and phishing. For more information, check out my other article on cybersecurity. During your time using the computer, you may be exposed to suspiciousContinue reading “Week 3. Cybersecurity”

Week 2. Zoom in on Google Tools

This week, you will spend your time downloading, appreciating and trying out three new Google Tools: Google Slides, Google Drive and Google Classroom. To access Google Slides, you can either visit: https://www.google.com/slides/about/ from the Google waffle menu, or, if on a phone or mobile device, download the Google Slides App on the Google Play StoreContinue reading “Week 2. Zoom in on Google Tools”

Scholarship for CA Undocumented Business Students 2020

Financing a college education can be possible with the help of the following scholarships that do not require citizenship, a Social Security # or DACA. These scholarships are geared more towards students studying business. For other scholarships available to undocumented students, check out Act on a Dream’s site. https://actonadream.squarespace.com/scholarship-database Another great resource for any studentContinue reading “Scholarship for CA Undocumented Business Students 2020”

2020 NEDDYS Film Award Winners

Presented here are the winners of the 2020 NEDDY’S. They are the best movies made in 2019. If you want a personalized movie recommendation, take the Quiz. Best Original Song The Nominees are: Gotham City Guys- Lego Movie 2 Lost in the Woods- Frozen 2 Into the Unknown- Frozen 2 The Winner is: Lost inContinue reading “2020 NEDDYS Film Award Winners”

EL Civics Task #1 Interpret Job Openings

For task #1, you will be asked to interpret employment openings infields by filling in information about job openings. If you’d like to review the information needed to complete this task, check out EL Civics Part 1 and EL Civics Part 2. As seen in the Want Ad Practice Chart, here is the information youContinue reading “EL Civics Task #1 Interpret Job Openings”

EL Civics Basic Interview Sample

For Task 2 of the EL Civics exam, you will participate in a mock interview. You will play the part of the job applicant, the person who is applying for the job. Below are the questions that you will be asked during the job interview, as well as a script for you to practice. ELContinue reading “EL Civics Basic Interview Sample”

FEE: A pre-college opportunity for entrepreneurial, business-minded students

FEE (Foundation for Economic Education) is a nonprofit organization that sponsors summer seminars for teenagers. It started in 1946. These three day events allow students to stay in a college campus while they learn the principals of economics. Some sessions also focus on entrepreneurship and leadership. Students might be interested in this opportunity because itContinue reading “FEE: A pre-college opportunity for entrepreneurial, business-minded students”

Week 6. Online Learning Resources

Welcome to the last week of this online course. It has been a blast to guide you through the basics of computer and Internet use. First, start off by taking the Week 5 Quiz: Loading… Kahoot! Final Exam Review Final Exam: Pass with a 70% to get a certificate! Loading ESL Conversation with an emphasisContinue reading “Week 6. Online Learning Resources”