EL Civics Basic Interview Sample

For Task 2 of the EL Civics exam, you will participate in a mock interview. You will play the part of the job applicant, the person who is applying for the job. Below are the questions that you will be asked during the job interview, as well as a script for you to practice. ELContinue reading “EL Civics Basic Interview Sample”

FEE: A pre-college opportunity for entrepreneurial, business-minded students

FEE (Foundation for Economic Education) is a nonprofit organization that sponsors summer seminars for teenagers. It started in 1946. These three day events allow students to stay in a college campus while they learn the principals of economics. Some sessions also focus on entrepreneurship and leadership. Students might be interested in this opportunity because itContinue reading “FEE: A pre-college opportunity for entrepreneurial, business-minded students”

Week 6. Online Learning Resources

Welcome to the last week of this online course. It has been a blast to guide you through the basics of computer and Internet use. First, start off by taking the Week 5 Quiz: Loading… Kahoot! Final Exam Review Final Exam: Pass with a 70% to get a certificate! Loading ESL Conversation with an emphasisContinue reading “Week 6. Online Learning Resources”

EL Civics 4. Preparing for a Zoom Interview

To be prepared for your mock interview, let’s go over some common interview questions, as well as the appropriate answer. Now that you have seen the example of James, and the tips related to an in-person interview, let’s look at some tips related to Zoom Interviews. I have created a lesson on EdPuzzle for youContinue reading “EL Civics 4. Preparing for a Zoom Interview”

Week 5. Email and Online Safety

In this lesson, you will learn to communicate with others through email. You will also become aware of the steps you should take to be safe online. First, take the following quiz that tests your knowledge of the concepts of Week #4: Tech Troubleshooting Loading… Next, we will go over the Quizlet set for thisContinue reading “Week 5. Email and Online Safety”

Going to the Doctor: English Conversation

It is important to go to the doctor to keep a healthy body and treat illness. In this activity, you will practice a conversation between doctor and patient. First, learn the terms for various illnesses: Now, complete the following dialogue with a partner. In between rounds, substitute the illnesses and the amount of times. ForContinue reading “Going to the Doctor: English Conversation”

EL Civics 3. Job Interviews Do’s and Don’t

In your EL Civics exam, Task 2 will have you do a mock job interview. Before we complete our mock interview, we will go over some basic information about job interviews. For reference, here is the wording about the expectations for Task 2 As we go into job interviews, learn the common terminology behind jobContinue reading “EL Civics 3. Job Interviews Do’s and Don’t”

English Time Announcements

In English, time to the hour is written with the expression o’clock. Time to the minute (as in five thirty) does not include the expression o’clock; 1:20 = one fifteen and 4:00 = four o’clock. Use these terms as you talk with other people about these common store opening hours. Below are real-life examples ofContinue reading “English Time Announcements”

Understanding a Class Schedule

Balancing school responsibilities with work is a struggle that many Americans face. It is important to give everything its due time. Making a schedule, putting in the times of your classes, is a great way to find time to be able to study. In your schedule, include the times of your classes, as well asContinue reading “Understanding a Class Schedule”

Week 4. Tech Troubleshooting

Show what you know by taking the Week 3 Quiz. Click here if you need a refresh of the material first. Loading… You will often come up with problems when you use technology. It is important to be able to express those problems and to find ways to solve them. Common problems include freezing, InternetContinue reading “Week 4. Tech Troubleshooting”